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Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC)

Hjemmeside: afghanmmcc.org
Email: Circus@AfghanMMCC.org
Vejnavn: Dybbølsgade 41
Postnummer: 1721
By: København V
Land: Danmark
Tlf: 26390625

MMCC, Mobile Mini Circus for Children, is an international non profit NGO that has been working in Afghanistan since June 2002. The main objective of MMCC is providing educational and informative entertainment for children. This aim is achieved by identifying, training, and applying the Afghan talents and potentials.

Since 2003 MMCC's educational entertaining performances, workshops and teacher trainings have successfully reached more than half a million children and teachers in 16 provinces. New creative educational teaching methods are constantly being developed in MMCC's Children Culture House that is also the base for 80-100 well trained MMCC-junior artists performing in Kabul and abroad.

In spring 2006 a new Afghan-MMCC organization was established. The local NGO is gradually taking over the responsibility for continuing the activities as a pure Afghan project under the umbrella and supervision of MMCC International that is at the same time expanding to more countries.


Regardless of where you come from and what background, education and skills you have, there are many ways you can contribute to our activities. We are all volunteers who help the good work of this organization. You can join us too and become one of us and support our work. Please send an email and let us know what your interests and capacities are so we together find a way to utilize your resources.