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“One day of social action” (CSR)

En Dag for En sag®    billed

What if you in one day could create engaged employees, develop teams and team leaders and provide employees with an experience of a lifetime - while helping someone who needs it? 

 Give your employees one day as a volunteer - it works!

En Dag for En sag® or “One day of social action” is a unique team building opportunity which at the same time supports a local volunteer organization.  

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and “One day of social action”  
“One day of social action” is part of a corporate volunteering concept, where companies take social action by involving themselves directly in volunteer organization for one day.
“One day of social action” will be organized around an activity in a volunteer organization, who has expressed a need and desire to get help and resources from outside.

What are the benefits for the company?

- Proud and committed staff
- Creates an attractive workplace for employees  - Team Building and Development
- CSR accounts gets focus
- Branding Value

Many different options ... 

“One day of social action” may appear in many ways. The company employees can, for example, offer their professional skills or perform practical tasks for the association. The most important thing is that the volunteer organization and the company involved both gain from the cooperation. 

Want to hear more about  “One day of social action” ? 
Contact us at Tel: 6171 5574 or email: info@frivilligcentervsv.dk for more information and a quotation for your company. 

Since many of the local associations are based primarily on volunteers, we would like to point out that the process leading up to “One day of social action” will take approx. 6-8 weeks.